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E3 2021 is one of the most anticipated events of the gaming year. After being canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, in 2021 it is returning in an all-virtual format. Running June 12-15, E3 2021 boasts an impressive lineup of events from 

Most prominent among these is the Xbox + Bethesda joint showcase. Xbox announced it was acquiring Bethesda in 2020, which was finalized in 2021. To celebrate. Xbox added several Bethesda titles, including several from the popular Fallout and The Elder Scrolls franchises, to Xbox Game Pass. Now they are presenting together at E3, 

Xbox and parent company Microsoft recently announced its dedication to an all-in gaming experience, working to increase connectivity between Xbox consoles, PC gaming and cloud gaming experiences. While this initiative has already been started, with the Xbox Game Pass coming to PC, it’s likely Xbox will speak more about what’s coming on that front.

The most excitement is around Halo Infinite. The title has seen multiple delays, and fans are itching to get more information around the game. As an Xbox exclusive, it makes sense Microsoft would use E3 2021 to create major hype around Halo Infinite

Xbox is also known for announcing a slew of titles in development and incoming to its Game Pass subscription service. At E3 2019, Xbox announced over 50 games. After taking 2020 off, it’s likely that number will be even higher this year.

At E3 2021, it’s expected Bethesda will reveal more about Starfield, its upcoming space RPG. The first original IP from the game studio in 28 years, Starfield was initially announced at E3 2018, but very little has been revealed about the project since. However, fans anticipate hefty gameplay trailers and a release date to come from Sunday’s showcase. 

Fans are speculating whether there will be any updates on The Elder Scrolls VI. This game was also announced at E3 2018, but little has been announced about the project since. On Dec. 31, Bethesda tweeted a map of Skyrim, setting fans ablaze with theories about the setting of The Elder Scrolls VI. Hopefully, this means a game title and setting will at least be revealed. 

The Xbox + Bethesda Showcase is scheduled for June 13 at 10 a.m. PT, and can be watched on E3’s homepage, Twitch or YouTube channels, or on TikTok through VENN.

image courtesy of Xbox & Bethesda, all rights reserved.