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TeamFight Tactics Reckoning


Riot Games and BallStreet Trading, a free-to-play prediction market game, have announced a multi-year partnership with Teamfight Tactics (TFT) North America esports creating a first-of-its-kind competitive second screen experience for TFT fans.

“BallStreet Trading delivers games of calculated strategy and skill, which makes BallStreet an exciting complement to competitive TFT,” said Matt Archambault, Riot Games head of esports partnerships for NA. “We’ve seen how dynamic and engaging fantasy games can be in traditional sports and competitive League of Legends communities, and we cannot wait for competitive TFT fans to enjoy their first fantasy TFT experience through BallStreet.

The app essentially hosts a market contest, in which all players enter with the same amount of shares of each team for a live event. They also have a virtual currency, which players can use to buy and sell as the event progresses and probabilities of victory shift.

Through its partnership with Riot, BallStreet will add TFT events to the app, hosting free-to-play contests during official North American competitive TFT events, serving as an official extension of the competitive TFT fan-viewing experience. Fans will be able to play real-time prediction markets, competing against one another during TFT events.

“We are elated for the opportunity to work with Riot Games and offer a real-time competitive experience to fans of North American TFT esports,” said Scott San Emeterio, BallStreet CEO. “Our focus will be on understanding the TFT audience and making sure we are enhancing their viewing experiences.”

More information will unfold in the coming weeks regarding timing of details for the upcoming TFT “Reckoning” tournament dates.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games