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Cloud9 White has won the first ever VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers tournament, winning the event without losing a single map along the way.

The final match saw C9 White defeat Counter-Logic Gaming Red in straight maps 13-11 and 13-4, winning the series three maps to zero thanks to the one-map advantage gained by entering the Grand Finals from the Upper Bracket.

Tournament MVP Melanie “meL” Capone of C9 White praised her team’s ability to remain focused under pressure, saying, ““We welcome the challenge and are glad it was a closer game. By the end of it, when it’s close like 10-10, I don’t think we crack.”

The VALORANT Game Changers Tournament featured 32 VALORANT teams, both independent and from existing esports organizations, consisting of female and marginalized gender players. C9 White and CLG Red was joined in the Top 8 by org-based teams Team SoloMid and Dignitas, as well as unaffiliated teams OWA OWA (who fielded players from Gen.G but was not affiliated with the org), Man I Love Fwogs, Moon Raccoons and Watch This.

Meanwhile, Riot Games has announced a new reward for the upcoming League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. The league that hosts the winning team will receive an extra team slot during the 2021 World Championships. The official announcement of the MSI Group Draw revealed the prize but also mentioned one caveat, saying, “After MSI concludes, the final global power rankings for 2021 will be calculated. The highest-ranking league will get an additional slot unless that region also won MSI. In that case, the slot would pass down to the second highest ranking league in the power rankings.” The Mid-Season Invitational begins May 6, with Worlds 2021 set to take place in China later this year.

Elsewhere in the world of competitive gaming:

Dignitas Releases Male VALORANT Roster

Dignitas has announced the release of its male VALORANT roster one day before the start of Stage 2 of the VALORANT Champions Tour. The team’s official statement on Twitter says the organization will be moving away from the game “for the time being,” but that it “remains an avid supporter of VALORANT, and will continue to field our women’s VALORANT roster.” The decision comes after a disappointing run in Stage 1 of the VCT, in which Dignitas did not qualify for any of the Challengers events.

WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Reveals Soul Calibur VI Competition Roster

After the successful first season of WePlay Esports’ Ultimate Fighting League crowed Dominique “SonicFox” McLean as its Mortal Kombat 11 champion, the organization has announced the 16 players that will be vying for the Soul Calibur VI championship in Season 2. The full list of competitors is below:

Nicolas “Aelz” Jeanjaquet (France)
GeumWee “AkeoPo” Bae (Korea)
Zain “Bluegod” Tibeishat (USA)
“Dexus” (United Kingdom)
Kevin “Keev” Akre (France)
MoonSu “Kura” Jang (Korea)
Nathan “Linkorz” Mandell (USA)
Myles “Myloes” M. (United Kingdom)
“Pantocrator” (Germany)
Michael “PartyWolf” Stabile (USA)
Joshua “Saiyne” Vernon (USA)
Jovian “Shen Chan” Chan (Singapore)
Jeremy “Skyll” Bernard (France)
Jonathan “Woahhzz” Vo (USA)
Yokasta “Yoki” Vargas (USA)
Yuda “Yuttoto” Sudo (Japan)

The WUFL Soul Calibur VI competition begins April 1 and runs through April 4.

Street Fighter V Spring Update Inbound

Capcom has announced the next update livestream for Street Fighter V’s Season 5 content for April 6 at 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern. The Spring Update will include new information on the next two characters, the Italian sorceress Rose from Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter III’s turtle hermit Oro, as well as teased “special guests” and more. Season 5’s first character, Dan Hibiki, was released after the Street Fighter V Winter Update back in February.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games