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Female Game Characters


Throughout March, the gaming industry has celebrated the women who helped shape it, both behind the screen and on it. Now, as Women’s History Month draws to a close, it’s time to shine a light on the female characters in the games themselves.

Below, the VENN team celebrates the female heroines who have helped, inspired and made a difference in their gaming careers.

Tifa Lockhart, Final Fantasy VII

1998 was a formative year for me – Sailor Moon started airing on Toonami thus beginning my descent into a lifetime of anime love. It was also the year I played the OG Final Fantasy VII which turned me into the JRPG junkie I am today, and introduced me to who has remained my most beloved female character in all of gaming: Tifa Lockhart. I was doomed to love Tifa from the start — she kicked ass, owned a business, and very much presented as being a “strong female character”, rather than the ingenue love interest. What I did not expect was how incredibly feminine, nurturing and emotional she would be. As someone who wanted to be the cool, tough girl, but also had a lot of feelings, it was a revelation to discover. through Tifa, that I could be both. She subverted the trope of the sassy sidekick, instead being a multifaceted woman, not defined by a single characteristic or the trauma of her past. — Emma Fyffe

Clementine, The Walking Dead

Let me tell you about one of the greatest game characters from one of the best series ever, Clementine! This character is first introduced to as a scared little girl trapped in her treehouse. Within seconds of meeting her she warns us of a zombie and helps save us. I mean what an introduction. Throughout the course of the series spanning YEARS we watch her grow into a parental figure of her own that must consistently fight to survive whilst fighting to keep her morality. Never has a character weeded themselves so into my hear that I felt as if she were my actual child. Her growth is phenomenal and the person she becomes is influenced by the decisions YOU make. If you like any kind of competent character look no further. — Darnell Murphy

Lydia, Skyrim

Trying to single out one character to write about was overwhelming – there are so many incredible women in games! Ultimately, I’ve decided to go with the first one that popped in my head: Lydia, from Skyrim. It’s a bit ridiculous, but I didn’t have access to online play, so having a fellow fighter I could count on in battle was huge. Lydia is a badass in combat, an absolute inspiration in melee style. She was my NPC companion through most of my original file and one of my favorite NPCs overall. — Brittany Spurlin

Eivor, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

An Ode to Eivor
You, who flies on Raven’s wing
You, who speaks with a voice of stone
You, who has harnessed the power
Of the elements
Of the gods.
Eivor I sing a dirge for you when I put my PS5 into rest mode
And rejoice with the power of spring when it is time to game again.
The melody of your battle cry,
Your thirst for life is all the nourishment I desire.
Eivor of the shorn scalp, Eivor the wolf-kissed.
Eivor, for all the new leather that has been singed,
all the fall damage you’ve taken,
all the times the
Daughters of Lerion have zapped…
My apologies are a hollow whisper next to the hymn of your victory.
And yet…
You have eaten berries and slaughtered sheep and returned to sing
And that Is a song I will never forget.
Carolyn Page

Photo courtesy of Bethesda, Ubisoft, Nintendo and Activision