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Mobile Games Scroll is a curated weekly roundup of the hottest news from gaming-on-the-go.

A new partnership between Nintendo and Niantic is set to bring the Pikmin series to mobile. Similar to Niantic’s Pokemon GO, the new Pikmin title will make use of Niantic’s real-world AR technology and worldwide mapping features. Details are scarce but Niantic promises gameplay activities that encourage walking with a release set for later this year. The mobile game is beijing developed by Niantic’s Tokyo Studio established back in April 2018.

The new Pikmin game will be the first of several games to come from the partnership, none of which have been officially announced.

Here’s what else is happening in the world of mobile games.

Three New Godzilla Mobile Games

It’s a big week for mobile and a big week for Godzilla! In anticipation for the film release of Godzilla vs. Kong, three new Godzilla focused mobile games were announced. All three games are developed by Toho and are free-to-play.

“Toho has been deeply involved with the production process for all three games since the early planning stages,” said Keiji Ota, Director and Chief Godzilla Officer at Toho. “All the staff involved in the project have worked together to keep alive the spirit of the Godzilla series, while also creating a ‘new Godzilla’ specially for the mobile game world.”

Run, Godzilla is an idle game where you and the village folk raise your own Godzilla and Kaiju. They become stronger while you’re away and eventually leave once time has run out. Abilities from one generation of Godzilla and Kaiju can be passed on to the next. Run, Godzilla is out today.

Godzilla Destruction gives you control of Godzilla as you stomp across cities crushing buildings and leaving a trail of havoc. In Godzilla Battle Line, players take on 3-minute battles where two teams of different monsters face off in a city landscape. Both games are set to release sometime in 2021.

Final Fantasy in the News

Some good news and some bad news for Final Fantasy on mobile.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is now out on both iOS and Android. Originally released on modern consoles in 2019, the remastered version includes a battle assist that allows you to have maxed out HP and ATB, along with unlimited Limit Breaks. A No Encounters feature lets you enjoy the storyline without having to fight random battles. There’s also a feature that allows you to play the game with a speed boost that triples that standard speed. The mobile game is set at a $20.99 price point.

The previously announced reboot of Final Fantasy XI for mobile has officially been canceled. According to a report by Gematsu, both Square Enix and Nexon canned the project citing the inability to meet quality standards as a reason for dropping the reboot. The project was first announced all the way back in March 2015.

Crossover with Today’s Top Athletes

A sequel to last year’s Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is coming to Apple Arcade later this year in the form of Ultimate Rivals: The Court. The three-on-three basketball mobile game will feature over 140 athletes spanning the NBA, WNBA, WWE, NFL, NHL, MLB and the National Women’s Soccer Team. Athletes include Steph Curry, Bryce Harper, Juju Smith-Schuster, Candace Parker, Alex Morgan and more.

Double Dose of 1 Billion

Two separate milestones for two of mobile’s biggest games. Genshin Impact surpassed $1 billion in player spending since it launched on Sept. 28, 2020. This impressive stat only applies to the mobile version and the game currently sits at the number three spot in highest revenue generated in both the App Store and Google Play, just behind PUBG Mobile and Honor Kings.

Speaking of PUBG Mobile, the Tencent published battle royale game just hit 1 billion total downloads. The mobile game was originally released in March 2018.

Rocket League Races onto Mobile

A standalone mobile port of Rocket League is headed to phones later this year. More details on the announcement of Rocket League: Sideswipe here.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo