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The official VALORANT Champions Tour NA organization made a competitive ruling on 100 Thieves’ squad earlier this week, resulting in a $5,000 fine for the esports organization and the probation of its VALORANT team coach Hector “FroST” Rosario.

The ruling comes after the Stage 1 Masters event on March 12, during which 100 Thieves delayed a match with fellow esports organization Immortals, citing a ping discrepancy between the two team’s servers. Ping in this instance refers to how quickly a player’s computer communicates with a gaming server, measured in milliseconds. If a ping gap is large enough, it could provide competitive advantage to the team with the lower ping rate. Neither Riot Games, developer of VALORANT, nor 100 Thieves have confirmed what the ping discrepancy between the Immortals was.

Claiming the ping disparity violated VALORANT’s rules from a prior match against TSM, 100 Thieves players entered the field of play early, causing a match delay of one hour. Meanwhile, Rosario attempted to speak with Riot to secure a better server for his team. In so doing, Riot claims he “treated the Tournament Official in an unprofessional manner,” including threatening to leverage 100 Thieves considerable social platforms against Riot.

100 Thieves denied the comments, posting a video of the conversation to its official twitter account. Riot, meanwhile, claims the four minute video is a clip and does not present the full conversation.

In response to the Tuesday ruling, 100 Thieves said: “We disagree with Riot’s competitive ruling against our VALORANT head coach FroST and strongly disagree with Riot’s public release and mischaracterization of the incident after we complied with their investigation around a minor competitive manner.”

Ultimately, 100 Thieves has decided to pay the fine and proceed in the competition, eager to let the matter rest. Rosario’s response to the ruling was, “Let’s put this to bed.”

Riot declined further comment and pointed back to its original statement. 100 Thieves did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games