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Fan Controlled Football Championship Game Wild Aces vs Glacier Boyz


The inaugural season of Fan Controlled Football finished exactly the way it should’ve, with maybe the best game of the season between the two most likeable teams in the league ending with a game-winning touchdown on the final play after an incredible and unlikely comeback.

Missing from this one was some of the issues that had plagued the league’s first season. There were no controversial calls from the referees, no NFL has-beens failing to live up to expectations and the action even moved quickly despite the game time being extended by 50 percent.

Early on, it looked like the Glacier Boyz were cruising to an easy victory over the Wild Aces. After being picked by the Beasts as their opponent in round 1, a sign that the Glacier Boyz were viewed as the easiest team to beat in the league, it would’ve been incredible to see them walk away as champions.

Quarterback Deondre Francois looked great once again, connecting with wide receiver Andrew Jamiel for three touchdowns in the first half and running for one of his own in the second half to give the Glacier Boyz a 40-26 lead that would be difficult for the Wild Aces to overcome.

Glacier Boyz' Deondre Francois

However, the Wild Aces defense showed up late in the second half and turned this game around.

After going down 40-26, Ed Crouch came in as quarterback for the Wild Aces and found wide receiver Elkanah Dillon for a long touchdown catch, cutting the lead to 40-34 after converting the two-point man-up drill to Richaud Floyd.

The Aces took advantage of the new onside kick rule, which says a team can only try it when losing in the second half, but failed to convert the 4th & 10 play from their own 10 yard line. Having previously used their “flip the field” power-up, this gave the Glacier Boyz the ball just 10 yards away from the end zone and another double-digit lead.

Not only did the Wild Aces keep the Glacier Boyz from getting more than six yards, they forced an interception in the end zone on 4th down that kept the Glacier Boyz from being able to use their “5th down” power-up. It was an incredible show of defensive force, it saved the game for the Aces, and it wasn’t the last time this defense would make a difference.

After the offense drove down the field, Daryl Virgies ran the ball in for the Wild Aces, tying the game at 40-40. A successful two-point man-up conversion (which would’ve given the Aces a two-point lead) was replayed, using one of the defensive power ups that the Glacier Boyz had, and was eventually unsuccessful. The Glacier Boyz would have the ball in the final minutes with a chance to win.

Daryl Virgies Touchdown

David Pindell led the Boyz all the way to the four-yard line, so close to the end zone and assured victory, before the Wild Aces’ goal-line defense put on the clamps. Not only did the Aces keep the Glacier Boyz out of the end zone for 4 downs, they did it once more after the Glacier Boyz invoked their “5th down” power-up.

The Wild Aces got the ball back on their own three-yard line with a little more than one minute of time left in regulation. They would need to get into the end zone to avoid overtime, making this a perfect time for them to use their “power play” power up, which took one Glacier Boyz defender off the field.

Crouch started the series with a very long run that got the Aces within six yards of the end zone with seven seconds left. LaDarius Galloway ran the ball but was unable to get in, leaving them two yards short with just three seconds left.

On the final play of the game, Crouch dropped back before finding daylight with his legs and diving into the end zone, knocking over the pylon as time expired to win the very first People’s Championship in FCF history.

Final Score: Wild Aces 46, Glacier Boyz 40

Wild Aces Champions Image

The FCF couldn’t have asked for a better topper for its successful inaugural season. This game had big offensive plays, great strategic maneuvers and thrilling defense stops; not to mention a huge, unprecedented comeback.

It wouldn’t be surprising if some of the players from the league, and this championship game, didn’t find their way onto NFL rosters next season. The talent is there.

Photo by Todd Kirkland/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images
DULUTH, GEORGIA – MARCH 20: Quarterback Ed Crouch #5 of the Wild Aces scores the game-winning touchdown during the People’s Championship game between Wild Aces and the Glacier Boyz of Fan Controlled Football at Infinite Energy Arena on March 20, 2021 in Duluth, Georgia