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Dark Alliance, a new action RPG developed by Tuque Games and set in the Dungeons and Dragons world of Icewind Dale, has been confirmed for a June 22 release via the PlayStation Blog.

The blog post, penned by head of Tuque Games Jeff Hattem, details the game’s format and mechanics, from the combat-focused gameplay with over 50 abilities to master to the four-player online cooperative features. A main focus of the combat system is what Hattem calls “Emergent Combat,” or the idea that whether a player is a button-masher or a defensive player, the game will be suited to the player’s style.

“My love for Dungeons & Dragons is why I got into working on video games in the first place and the same is true for many team members here at Tuque,” Hattem said. “And so, it is a dream-come-true for us to get to bring the world of Icewind Dale to life in an action RPG with explosive combat and dynamic co-op play.”

The blog also details Dark Alliance’s Goblin enemies, some of the 30 enemy types found throughout the game. Goblin Warriors are typical grunts, Defenders are tanks, Archers and Booyahgs attack from a distance with arrows and magic respectively, and Captains are super strong and can lead other Goblins into battle.

This is the first news on Tuque Games’s Dark Alliance since The Game Awards 2019, where the first teaser for the game has been shown. Also, this will mark the first video game in the Dungeons and Dragons franchise designed for consoles since Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft by Take-Two Interactive in 1997. Neverwinter, the popular MMORPG based in the D+D lore, first released on PC in 2013.

Photo courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment