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Nicolo Laurent


Riot Games has found no wrongdoing on behalf of its CEO Nicolo Laurent in wake of legal filings from former executive assistant Sharon O’Donnell, who alleged sexual and professional misconduct.

The Washington Post first reported the news, citing company-wide notice sent to Riot employees addressing the allegations. According to the statement, a special committee reviewed the results provided by a third-party investigation and decided no further action needed to be taken.

“This is not a recommendation we take lightly,” the committee wrote in its notice. “In cases involving high-ranking executives, we recognize that power dynamics can often give rise to behaviors and biases that infect the experiences of others within the organization in toxic easy. Most cases of this nature are not black and white; they fall into the grey. However, this was not one of those cases. In this case, we were simply unable to find any evidence that would justify a sanction of any kind against Laurent.”

A company-wide email from Laurent followed not long after the statement from Riot.

“It’s important you hear this from me directly: The allegations of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation involving me are not true,” Laurent wrote. “Nothing of that nature, or even remotely close to it, ever happened.”

Riot games has posted its full statement and email from Laurent here.

Riot has also filed a request with the Los Angeles County Superior Court to speed court proceedings and move the case to arbitration.

The news comes on the heels of reports Alienware terminated its relationship with Riot Games due to the allegations against Laurent.

O’Donnell, represented by Michael Baltaxe of Sottile Baltaxe, filed a lawsuit against Laurent on Jan. 7. O’Donnell’s reps did not immediately respond toVENN’s request for comment.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games