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Fortnite Chapter 2 Image


Fortnite Chapter 2 has begun its sixth season, “Primal,” bringing with it a new set of Battle Pass rewards, map changes and mechanics.

A new trailer for the season debuted on Fortnite’s YouTube page overnight, telling the story of the end of Season 5 and Agent Jones’s attempts to restore the Zero Point. A single-player event then follows immediately after, letting players control a “looper” and play a small scene before opening up Season 6 properly.

The map now features a modern/caveman-era hybrid environment, the new prehistoric areas now featuring animals to hunt and new Makeshift and Primal weapons. The new area makes up the center of the field of battle, but branches out in a star-like pattern across the map.

The aforementioned animals play a key role in weapon crafting, the season’s main new gameplay mechanic. Weapons can be upgraded by finding resources, some of which are only found by hunting animals like wolves and chickens wandering the area. Some creatures will turn hostile and attack, bringing an element of danger to the new feature.

The Season 6 Battle Pass is highlighted by Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft and Raven from Teen Titans, both of whom come with multiple skin styles. The pass also features a new set of themed original skins, including the primal warrior Tarana and Cluck, a massive baby chick wearing an egg.

The official Battle Pass trailer also hints at a set of rewards featuring soccer star Neymar Jr, but according to an in-game timer those rewards won’t be available to earn until April 28.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games