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Teamfight Tactics IMage


Teamfight Tactics (TFT), the online auto-battler from Riot Games, has unveiled its newest set, Reckoning. TFT functions as a hexagonal chess board and a set corresponds to available units for play during a game.

Reckoning is set to continue the success of the prior set, TFT Fates, pitting players in the ultimate struggle between good and evil to determine the fate of the world.

“Each time we launch a big update more than 10 million of you come to play TFT every day, and so far you’ve played over 2.5 billion hours of Fates,” said Stephen Mortimer, TFT lead designer. “All of us on the team are so grateful for how many of you have joined the community, and we want to thank you all for enjoying the game, and letting us continue to bring more awesome stuff to TFT.”

Reckoning will bring several gameplay changes, including new origins, classes and champions, a new, unnamed set mechanic and a ranked ladder reset featuring new rewards and recognition. It will also feature thematic interactive arenas that react to the events of the game and personalized damage animations and player avatars.

Reckoning also offers a new mode called Hyper Roll, which is the first rollout of the new TFT Labs, which offers players new and experimental ways to play. Hyper Roll provides a shorter game session that focuses on a player’s ability to build their ultimate team. Labs will be available for limited times only, and may cycle out with new modes. Popular modes will be kept in the game, however.

Check out the drop video here:

Photo courtesy of Riot Games