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Square Enix, developer and publisher behind hit gaming franchises such as Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, has announced a new video program titled Square Enix Presents.

Square Enix Presents is a series of shows which will reveal new games, updates and news from the company to the global gaming community throughout the year. The first show will air on March 18 at 10 a.m PT on Square Enix’s Twitch and YouTube channels and will run approximately 40 minutes.

The event will showcase the world premiere of the next game in the Life is Strange series, which will feature a new protagonist wielding a new power. The program will also include trailers, gameplay videos and announcements for Outriders, Balan Wonderworld, Marvel’s Avengers and Just Cause Mobile. Square Enix also teased celebrations for Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary.

New mobile game announcements are set to come from Square Enix Montreal. Taito, Square Enix’s sister company, will also give a peek into the whimsical games coming from the studio.

Square Enix isn’t the first gaming entertainment company to have an event which showcases upcoming content. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s most recent State of Play, aired on Feb. 25, has amassed 1.9 million views on YouTube while Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct, last aired on Feb. 17, has 2 million.

Square Enix Presents Event Details

Photo courtesy of Square Enix