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Silver Rain and EA Originals Logos


EA Originals has signed a deal with newly-formed interactive development studio Silver Rain Games.

Silver Rain was started in 2019 by Abubaker Salim and Melissa Phillips, who serves as head of studio. The company launched with the intent to generate “thought-provoking and innovative games and content across different entertainment mediums.” Since its inception, the studio has grown to 20 remote employees.

“In what has been a challenging year, we have assembled an extraordinarily creative and worldly team who are eager to work on projects that bring their global perspectives to life. Together we will construct an exciting universe that unlocks the power of storytelling and the brilliance that brings,” said Salim. “We couldn’t be happier to work with the EA Originals team, who are phenomenal partners for us as we begin this journey.”

EA Originals is an arm of EA games dedicated to elevating independent studios, and will provide funding for Silver Rain’s upcoming, yet-unannounced IP. It will also provide guidance and support in the team’s journey to bring a fresh perspective to games and to the industry.

“We have spent the last year really growing our team and have some exceptionally talented people supporting us on putting this game together,” said Phillips.

“They are a bold new independent studio who will create distinct, innovative new experiences,” said Matt Bilbey, EA EVP of strategic growth. “We look forward to supporting them on this epic adventure they are on and when the time is right, connecting them with a global audience of players.”

Photo courtesy of EA Games