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MOnster Hunter Rise Video Game Image


Capcom has announced a second limited-time demo of Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement was part of the latest Monster Hunter Digital Event presentation, which also included updates on both Rise and the upcoming RPG Monster Hunters Stories II. The demo will begin March 11 and features the same quests as the January demo, this time with the addition of a higher difficulty quest hunting the game’s main adversary the Magnamalo.

Also on the presentation Rise revealed a brand new kind of quest, Rampage Quests, a tower defense-style mode where players must team with the citizens of the hub Kamura Village in fortifying defenses and protecting core barricades to thwart waves of attacking monsters, including powerful Apex monsters. Also announced was the addition of “Silkbind Attacks” that allow for more combat style customization, dynamic difficulty scaling for multiplayer, and a photo mode for in-game screenshots.

Monster Hunters Stories II debuted a brand new trailer, the first since its initial announcement in September 2020. The trailer showed more of the hero’s journey with Razewing Rathalos, while also confirming the Felyne hero Navirou from the first Stories and teasing co-op multiplayer quests. The trailer also confirmed the game’s July 9 release date while revealing three amiibo figures compatible with Stories II, Ena, Razewing Ratha and Tsukino.

Photo courtesy of Capcom