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FaZe Clan Rainbow Siege Six Roster


Esports and media organization FaZe Clan has unveiled its 2021 Rainbow Six Siege roster and new team ambassador. The lineup includes Gabriel “Cameram4n” Hespanhol, a former FaZe member returning to his roots, and defending 2020 Brazilian champions Lucas “Soulz1” Schinke, Jaime “Cyber” Ramos and Jose “Bullet1” Victor. They will be replacing FaZe players Jaoa “Yoona” Gabriel Nerici, Vinicius “Live” Monteiro, Ronaldo “Ion” Osawa and Eduardo “KDS” Santos.

Joao Paulo “PATIFE” Pereira will also join as the team’s ambassador. Pereira is a multi-game streamer and content creator with a large influence within the Rainbow Six community. As a team ambassador, he will host livestreams of the squad’s Latin American matches and interact with FaZe fans.

FaZe Clan ended the 2020 Rainbow Six season in sixth place within the Latin American division with a 6-3-5 record. FaZe Clan has attended all major international events since 2028. Leonardo “Astro” Buzzachera and Hespanhol are the only Brazilian players who have attended all six invitational events.

Fans can watch all matches on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel and visit the Rainbow Six Twitter for all schedule updates.

FaZe Clan will debut the new roster on March 20, at the launch of the 2021 Rainbow Six season.

Photo courtesy of FaZe Clan