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Robert Turbin


Once again, Fan Controlled Football, with which VENN has a distribution partnership, had some big news regarding NFL-level talent joining the league before the start of this week’s league redraft.

Josh Gordon, the 29-year old Pro Bowl wide receiver who most recently played for the Seattle Seahawks, fulfilled his promise to join the Zappers by arriving at the FCF bubble on Tuesday. He began quarantining immediately in hopes of playing in this Saturday’s game.

Robert Turbin, the former Colts and Seahawks running back, has signed on to join the Beasts for the remainder of the season and is also quarantining.

Each team in the FCF is allowed to use an additional franchise tag each week, meaning each team could select a fourth player this week to remove from the draft pool. Here are the players that were franchise tagged this week:

Glacier Boyz – Calen Campbell, running back
Zappers – Logan Marchi, quarterback
Wild Aces – Raphael Leonard, wide receiver
Beasts – Christian Saulsberry, wide receiver

Both the Beasts and Zappers now have two quarterbacks franchise tagged, so they’re unlikely to select one in the draft.

This is the fourth and final draft of the FCF season. After this one, each team will be locked into their rosters through week 4 and the playoffs.

Round 1

Glacier Boyz – Deondre Francois, quarterback
Zappers – Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, wide receiver
Wild Aces – Shutdown Squad, defensive line
Beasts – Quinn Porter, running back

That the Glacier Boyz used the first pick on a quarterback wasn’t surprising, but the other picks in this round were.

The Zappers, who might already have the best group of receivers in the league and are adding Josh Gordon, used their first pick on a wide receiver.

The Wild Aces then used their first round pick on a defense, the first time that’s happened in league history.

The Beasts, who will likely use Robert Turbin as their starting running back for the rest of this season, used their first round pick on a running back. Quinn Porter, who ran in the game-winning touchdown for the Beasts in last week’s game, urged Beasts fans to call more run plays in the coming weeks.

Round 2

Beasts – Alphonso Carter, wide receiver
Wild Aces – Block Party, offensive line
Zappers – Shutdown Squad, defensive line
Glacier Boyz – Joseph Boykin, wide receiver

The Wild Aces followed up their surprising pick of a defense in the first round by picking an offensive line group with their second round pick. Not only did they guarantee that they would have the defense and offensive lines of their choosing against the Glacier Boyz on Saturday, they guaranteed that they would have them for a potential playoff run, as well.

Round 3

Glacier Boyz – LaMarcus Carradine, wide receiver
Zappers – Block Party, offensive line
Wild Aces – Douglas McNeil III, wide receiver
Beasts – Jordus Smith, wide receiver

The Zappers copied the gameplan of the Wild Aces, picking Shutdown Squad as their defense and Block Party as their offensive line with two of their first three picks. This will undoubtedly give them a leg up in a big matchup against the Beasts this weekend.

Carradine, who has not played in the FCF yet due to a high ankle sprain, was the most impressive player during the pre-draft Man Up drill and earned an early pick by the Glacier Boyz.

Round 4

Wild Aces – Daryl Virgies, running back
Zappers – Berkley Edwards, running back
Glacier Boyz – Heavy Hitters, defensive line

The fourth round led to a lot of confusion that wasn’t figured out until the draft was over, but let me try and explain what happened:

The Beasts had 2 picks remaining and knew that they were going to have to use them on the Heavy Hitters defense and the Dam Nation offensive line (since their upcoming opponent had already drafted the other available defense and offensive line), so they didn’t submit a pick for round 4 despite being on the clock. These picks were supposed to be auto-drafted.

When the Wild Aces submitted their pick, Virgies was announced as the pick for the Beasts. When the Zappers subsequently submitted their pick, Edwards, it was correctly announced as a pick for the Zappers. This led to mass confusion, with many thinking that the Beasts had been gifted an additional pick and the Wild Aces had been skipped, when in fact it was the Beasts pick that hadn’t been made.

Round 5

Glacier Boyz – Dam Nation, offensive line
Zappers – Isaiah King, wide receiver
Wild Aces – Ed Crouch, quarterback
Beasts – Heavy Hitters, defensive line
Beasts – Dam Nation, offensive line

It was announced after the Wild Aces’ selection of Crouch that Virgies had been announced to the wrong team and that the Beasts would be auto-drafting Heavy Hitters and Dam Nation with their final two picks.

The final week of regular season action kicks off this Saturday at 5 p.m. PT with a matchup between the Glacier Boyz (1-2) and the Wild Aces (1-2). At 6:30 p.m. PT, we’ll get a potential championship preview, between the 3-0 Beasts and the Zappers, who are expecting quarterback Manziel to throw to new addition Gordon.

Photo by Eric Lindquist for FCF, (Robert Turbin arriving to FCF bubble)