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Johnny Manziel is one of the biggest stars in FCF, but news broke before Wednesday’s draft that he’ll miss this weekend’s Zappers game.

During the broadcast of the draft, it was revealed that Manziel is headed for emergency dental surgery, which could mean that he’ll be back for the final week of the season next week and the playoffs.

The Zappers could use all the help they can get. They’re currently sitting at 0-2, the only team in FCF without a win, and had zero quarterbacks headed into the Week 3 draft. Speaking of which…

New franchise tags

Once again, teams were given an additional franchise tag before the start of today’s festivities. This gave teams a third player that they could keep on their roster, and took that player out of the draft pool.

Here are the newest franchise players:

Wild Aces: Richaun Floyd, wide receiver
Glacier Boyz: KaVontae Turpin, wide receiver
Beasts: T.J. Edwards, quarterback
Zappers: Travis Toivonen, wide receiver

Turpin was the No. 1 pick in last week’s draft, so it’s no surprise that he got the franchise tag. Same goes for T.J. Edwards, who scored the last-second winning touchdown for the Beasts to improve their record to 2-0.

Without Manziel in the lineup, it was a bit of a surprise that the Zappers didn’t use their franchise tag on quarterback Logan Marchi. However, Marchi had two great connections with Toivonen in last weekend’s game, so signs pointed to him being the first pick in this week’s draft for the Zappers.

Man Up drill

Quarterback Braden Smith has shown himself to be very capable at the pre-draft Man Up drill multiple times now, but he struggled in games as a pocket-passer who doesn’t look comfortable making plays with his legs.

Despite being the top quarterback in this week’s Man Up drill, Smith would eventually go undrafted, signaling that FCF teams have learned the value of having a dynamic quarterback that can both run or pass.

Draft results

1st round
Zappers: Logan Marchi, quarterback
Glacier Boyz: Calen Campbell, running back
Wilds Aces: Raphael Leonard, wide receiver
Beasts: Christian Saulsberry, wide receiver

As predicted, the Zappers used their No. 1 pick on Logan Marchi, who will take over as the starting quarterback until Johnny Manziel returns. This was the only pick the Zappers used on a quarterback, so we’ll see who their backup ends up being this week. As a reminder, FCF teams must play with their backup quarterback every third offensive series. The aforementioned Smith is a pretty good guess.

With the No. 2 pick, the Glacier Boyz were able to draft the top-ranked running back in the league, according to NFL Draft Bible, Calen Campbell.

2nd round
Beasts: Joseph Boykin, wide receiver
Wild Aces: Deondre Francois, quarterback
Glacier Boyz: Ed Crouch, quarterback
Zappers: Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, wide receiver

The Wild Aces used an early pick on Francois amid concerns over Jackson Erdmann’s health. If “Jerdy” can’t go this weekend, Francois will be the Aces starting quarterback up against Marchi and the Zappers.

Sheehy-Guiseppi is a bit of a risky pick for the Zappers, a wide receiver with loads of talent that is battling a hamstring injury and may not be able to play this weekend.

3rd round
Zappers: Shutdown Squad, defense
Glacier Boyz: Heavy Hitters, defense
Wild Aces: Douglas McNeil III, wide receiver
Beasts: Block Party, offensive line

The Beasts, already locked in with great quarterbacks and wide receivers, were the first team to draft an offensive line / tight end group with their selection of Block Party in the 3rd round.

4th round
Beasts: Quinn Porter, running back
Wild Aces: Block Party, offensive line
Glacier Boyz: Alphonso Carter, wide receiver
Zappers: Isaiah King, wide receiver

With Block Party being selected by the Beasts in round 3 and the Wild Aces in round 4, it guaranteed that the other offensive line/tight end group (Dam Nation) would be drafted by the Zappers and Glacier Boyz before the end of this draft.

5th round
Zappers: Berkley Edwards, running back
Glacier Boyz: Madre London, running back
Wild Aces: Daryl Virgies, running back
Beasts: Yedidiah Louis, wide receiver

After a run on running backs, typically referred to as “super backs” in FCF, a reference to how often they are running receiving routes, the Beasts picked wide receiver Yedidiah Louis, who was a standout in the pre-draft Man Up drill after not playing in the first two weeks of FCF action.

6th round
Beasts: Shutdown Squad, defensive line
Wild Aces: Heavy Hitters, defensive line
Glacier Boyz: Dam Nation, offensive line
Zappers: Dam Nation, offensive line

Once we reached the final round of this draft, all of the picks had essentially been made. With only two offensive line groups and two defensive groups to pick from, all four teams were forced to draft the defense or offensive line that had not already been picked by their upcoming opponent.

Week 3’s action will kick off on Saturday at 5 p.m. PT with the Zappers taking on the Wild Aces, with a good game on tap between the Beasts and Glacier Boyz to follow after.

Photo by Darren “The Wolf” Lehmann for FCF