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PUBG: New State Title Image


The Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) franchise is unleashing a new Battle Royale title curated for mobile platforms: PUBG: New State.

“Given the fan support and massive success of the previous games, it is humbling to be able to build and introduce the next game in the franchise that revolutionized the battle royale genre worldwide,” MinKyu Park, PUBG: New State’s executive producer, said. “We want to build on that legacy by creating an experience that pushes the limits of mobile gaming.”

Developed by PUBG studio and published by KRAFTON, New State will be a free-to-play experience, available on Android and iOS later in 2021. A specific launch date has not been announced. The game will deliver the full Battle Royale experience, leveraging and adopting the classic PUBG gunplay.

Set in 2051, players drop into a new map called TROI. Here, players can uncover all the ways the universe has evolved since the base PUBG game in 2017. The map also offers distinct new landmarks and interactable objects, enabling players to strategize in new ways.

Similar to the original PUBG game, players will find combat is easy to learn, but difficult to master. New State also adds graphics that “push the limits of mobile gaming,” allowing players to have a gameplay experience that is both realistic and stable and smooth.

New State will introduce new features that it hopes will evolve the Battle Royale genre. Players can access new in-game weapon customization by obtaining customization kits. Custom options include performance enhancements, fire mode selection and grenade launcher attachments. New State also introduces combat rolls, drones and a futuristic ballistic shield, among other updates. Players will be able to explore TROI with a variety of new vehicles, as well.

“At KRAFTON, our goal is to create masterpieces that provide premiere gameplay experiences,” said CH Kim, KRAFTON CEO. “With PUBG: New State, we hope to realize that vision.”

Players can register on Google Play for upcoming information about the game and can pre-order on the App Store.

Photo courtesy of The PUBG Studio