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Cat Playing on iPad


As gaming soared to unprecedented heights for homosapiens during the COVID-19 pandemic, Friskies turned their focus to their feline counterparts. The result, Cat Fishing 2, is an update of the original mobile game designed for cats, available now on iOS and Android.

“While many pet owners and pets have been spending more time at home this past year, it’s important to look for ways to keep our pets active and engaged,” said Dr. Annie Valuska, Purina senior pet behavior expert. “The Cat Fishing 2 game provides a fun, simple way to provide a stimulating, enriching experience for cats, while also strengthening the bond between cats and their owners.”

Cat Fishing 2 provides a creative yet simple way to enrich a pet cat’s life, encouraging mental stimulation. The game is designed for playtime, provoking cats to pounce and move like they would in the wild, engaging natural hunting instincts. The more fish the cat catches, the more points they rack up. Owners are encouraged to brag about their pet’s purrfect score on social media.

The update includes special sounds and added schools of fish to keep the kitties clawing back for more. It also introduces a custom pond option stocked with virtual fish and decorations, allowing cats to prowl for their prey.

To promote the game, Friskies partnered with top cat influencers across the country to compete in a Cat Fishing 2 event for the Friskies Cat Fishing Champion title. Nathan Kehn, Sarah Whittle and Leslie Fu’s cats tried their hardest, but Abdallah Elayan’s cat Enzo ultimately took the crown.

“We are so proud to be the winners of this challenge and recommend this game for cat owners looking for new ways to entertain their pet,” said Elayan. “Not only was this an exciting game for my cat, Enzo, it was such a joy as a pet parent to watch and show off.”

Cat Fishing 2 is far from the first mobile game designed specifically for pets to enjoy. Friskies also offers JitterBug, a game with similar mechanics to Cat Fishing 2, but with bugs instead of fish. Cats can also test their artistic genius with Paint for Cats, in which owners select a color palette and cats create a masterpiece while chasing a digital mouse. Dogs also enjoy a plethora of mobile gaming, from Game for Dogs to iSqueek.

Photo courtesy of Purina Friskies