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Rainbow Six Siege Flores Image


Ubisoft has revealed the full details for the first season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege’s Year 6 content, titled Crimson Heist.

The main addition is a brand new playable attacker named Flores, who wields remote-controlled explosives that he can drive for a limited time. When time reaches zero, or when Flores activates the charge, the device becomes bulletproof before exploding, dealing damage to opponents and their defenses including barbed wire and barricades. Flores also comes equipped with either an AR33 assault rifle or SR-25 marksman rifle as his main weapon and the GSH-18 pistol as a sidearm.

Ubisoft also revealed in a post on Friday Flores has a husband, marking him the first gay character in the Rainbow Six universe.

Popular map Border will also be reworked in this new season, which includes layout changes, a decrease in destructible environments and an extra staircase giving additional access. Finally a new gadget has been added to attackers’ repertoire, the Gonne-6, a one-round explosive launcher that can damage soft walls and opposing Operators from a distance.

A number of collaborations have also been announced for Siege throughout the season, the first of which being a premier costume for Zofia where she dons Jill Valentine’s outfit from the original Resident Evil. Other collaborations, including one with Rick and Morty, were teased for later in the season without specifications.

“The way we approach partnerships and cross-promotion, it’s about bringing the universes and brands that we feel can fit into our game best,” Mohammed Benhenneda, business strategy and live performance director at Ubisoft, tells VENN. “It’s a way for our teams to have fun with these brands that we wouldn’t normally get the chance to have.”\

Crimson Heist will appear on the Rainbow Six: Siege Test Server starting Feb. 22.

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft