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FCF Beasts TD


For the second week of action in Fan Controlled Football, with which VENN has a distribution partnership, the stakes seemed higher because the size of the viewing audience definitely was. Both games were won on the very last play, showing off just how wild this league can be. Unfortunately, both games were also riddled with issues with officiating.

Beasts vs. Wild Aces

The night opened up with the 1-0 Beasts facing the 1-0 Wild Aces, meaning someone was leaving as the only undefeated team in the league.

Zappers quarterback Logan Marchi kicked things off by singing the national anthem, and fans were given word that popular Wild Aces quarterback Jackson Erdmann would miss the game due to injury.

Both offenses seemed in sync before halftime, driving the score up to 22-16 Aces before a last-second diving attempt by the Beasts for the end zone was denied and the clock ran out for the first half.

After the half, needing to keep pace with the Wild Aces, Beasts quarterback Quinton Flowers forced a pass into a tight window and ended up throwing an interception. However, it was called an incomplete pass, the referee having determined the ball had bounced before the defender could get his hands under it.

Flowers ran the ball into the end zone a couple of plays later, but replay showed that the possession should’ve ended on the interception.

After the Wild Aces answered with a strong running attack, leading to a Daryl Virgies touchdown, T.J. Edwards came in to play quarterback for the Beasts, who were down four points.

Edwards was nearly sacked in his own end zone (he was ruled down on the 1) and threw another would-be interception that was called back by the referees during his team’s final drive, but he came through when it mattered.

Within a yard or two of the Aces’ end zone, Edwards and the Beasts seemed to forget that FCF uses a running clock. They nearly didn’t get the ball snapped on the final play of the game, getting it off with just one second left in regulation. Edwards dropped back to pass before juking a blitzing pass rusher and running the ball into the end zone to secure victory for his team.

Final score: Beasts 30, Wild Aces 28

Zappers vs. Glacier Boyz

Patrick Dees announced a new FCF rule before the start of this game, created after the end of the previous game, that the clock would stop after every play in the last 30 seconds of every half.

Johnny Manziel, who had seemingly lost his starting role to Marchi in week one, was given another chance in this one and didn’t let it pass him by.

“Johnny Football” started the game with a beautiful touchdown pass to his tight end and a long touchdown run of his own, building up a 14-0 lead for the Zappers early on.

Marchi didn’t miss his shot either, hitting Travis Toivonen with a long touchdown pass the first time he stepped onto the field. It seemed like the Zappers were running away with this one, carrying a 22-8 lead into halftime. Starting on offense in the second half, David Pindell found franchise wide receiver Andrew Jamiel for a touchdown to shrink the lead down to 22-14, but the Glacier Boyz would still need to find a way to stop the Zappers offense one more time. Marchi came in as the Zappers quarterback for the first series of the second half and once again connected with Toivonen for a long pass, this one ending up just shy of the end zone. The fans called a running play that would’ve essentially ended the game if it made it to the end zone, but the ball was fumbled and the Glacier Boyz defense picked it up and ran it all the way back the other way for a touchdown.

First overall pick in this week’s draft, KaVontae Turpin was able to get open and catch the two point conversion to tie the game at 22-22.

After getting the ball back with a chance to score late and win, the Zappers saw their tight end catch the ball and then fumble it away to the Glacier Boyz defense once more. That’s two series in a row that ended with the Zappers fumbling the ball away to the Glacier Boyz defense.

This game will go in the record books as being the first in FCF history to go into overtime. In the extra frame, Zappers running back Anthony Jones found the end zone but Manziel could not connect on the two point conversion. Given a chance to answer, the Glacier Boyz tapped running back Quinn Porter for a touchdown run and then called on Andrew Jamiel once more for a two point conversion that won the game.

Final score: Glacier Boyz 30, Zappers 28

This leaves the Zappers as the only team in the league without a win and the Beasts the only undefeated team.

If the FCF was trying to generate fan interest, they couldn’t have pictured a better ending to the two games this week. All that remains to be seen is if they can clean up the issues with officiating as the season continues along.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images
DULUTH, GEORGIA – FEBRUARY 20: Quinton Flowers #9 of the Beasts runs against the Wild Aces during a Fan Controlled Football game at Infinite Energy Arena on February 20, 2021 in Duluth, Georgia.