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Before the Fan Controlled Football league’s (which has a distribution partnership with VENN) week two draft took place on Wednesday, a new wrinkle was added for each team. While all four teams had previously been allotted a single franchise tag to use on a player that would stay on the roster all season, they were now given a second franchise tag to use.

This depleted the draft pool by four, as each team immediately used their second franchise tag before the festivities got started. As it stands now, here are the franchise players that will stay with their teams for the entire season:

Wild Aces: Jackson Erdmann, quarterback; LaDarius Galloway, running back

Glacier Boyz: David Pindell, quarterback; Andrew Jamiel, wide receiver

Beasts: Troy Evans Jr., wide receiver; Quinton Flowers, quarterback

Zappers: Johnny Manziel, quarterback; Anthony Jones, running back

Before the picks were made, quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers were given the chance to show off their skills in a Man Up drill, just like the one used for extra points after a touchdown in which a wide receiver or slot receiver would line up against a defender, a quarterback would take the ball to try and complete a pass into the end zone.

Former TCU wideout KaVontae Turpin was the star of the drill this week, repeatedly getting open and coming down with the ball in the end zone. He was so dominant that Glacier Boyz co-owner Donald “Deestroying” De La Haye, who was on the broadcast, immediately declared that he wanted his team to draft “Turp” with the first overall pick in the draft.

Also impressive in the Man Up drill was Logan Marchi, who nearly led the Zappers to victory against the Beasts in week one after coming in for Manziel.

The pre-draft Man Up drill definitely had its desired effect, convincing fans of the Glacier Boyz to take Turpin with the No. 1 pick and fans of the Zappers to take Marchi with the No. 2 pick. With each team carrying just two quarterbacks and already using a franchise tag on a quarterback, players like T.J. Edwards and Braden Smith fell further down the draft than was expected.

Also noteworthy were teams’ different philosophies regarding line play. The Wild Aces used their first pick on defensive line Block Party, while Shutdown Squad, another D-line, was drafted twice in the fourth round. All four of the picks in the seventh round went to the remaining offensive line (Dam Nation) and defense (Heavy Hitters).

Here’s a full breakdown of the FCF’s week two draft:

Round 1
Glacier Boyz – KaVontae Turpin, Wide Receiver
Zappers – Logan Marchi, Quarterback
Wild Aces – Block Party, OL
Beasts – Christian Saulsberry, Wide Receiver

Round 2
Beasts – Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, Wide Receiver
Wild Aces – Raphael Leonard, Wide Receiver
Zappers – Alphonso Carter, Wide Receiver
Glacier Boyz – Calen Campbell, Runningback

Round 3
Glacier Boyz – Joseph Boykin, Wide Receiver
Zappers – Travis Toivonen, Wide Receiver
Wild Aces – Deondre Francois, Quarterback
Beasts – T.J. Edwards II, Quarterback

Round 4
Beasts – Shutdown Squad, Defensive line
Wild Aces – Richaud Floyd, Wide Receiver
Zappers – Shutdown Squad, Defensive line
Glacier Boyz – Braden Smith, Quarterback

Round 5
Glacier Boyz – Block Party Offensive lineman
Zappers – James Harden, Wide Receiver
Wild Aces – Isaiah King, Wide Receiver
Beasts – Madre London, Runningback

Round 6
Beasts – Treydonte Hill, Wide Receiver
Wild Aces – Daryl Virgies, Runningback
Zappers – Berkley Edwards, Runningback
Glacier Boyz – Quinn Porter, Runningback

Round 7
Glacier Boyz – Heavy Hitters, Defensive line
Zappers – Dam Nation, Offensive lineman
Wild Aces – Heavy Hitters, Defensive line
Beasts – Dam Nation, Offensive lineman

On Saturday, the Beasts will take on the Wild Aces in a matchup of undefeated teams, while Johnny Manziel and the Zappers take on the Glacier Boyz.

Photo by Darren “The Wolf” Lehmann for FCF