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EA has completed its acquisition of racing game studio Codemasters, finalizing its $1.2 billion purchase on Thursday morning.

EA’s acquisition of Codemasters — the developer of such franchises as Formula 1, DIRT, GRID and Project CARS — signifies a significant consolidation in racing game entertainment.

“This is the beginning of an exciting new era for racing games and content as we bring together the talented teams at Electronic Arts and Codemasters,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson. “Racing fandom continues to grow worldwide, and the franchises in our combined portfolio will enable us to create innovative new experiences and bring more players into the excitement of cars and motorsport.”

The consolidation will open growth opportunities for Codemasters franchises with newfound access to EA’s network of over 430 million players and multi-platform subscription services. EA also brings data and analytics capabilities to the Codemasters development and publishing teams, providing audience insights to accelerate performance of key franchises.

“Today is a landmark in Codemasters’ history, and an exciting day for our employees and players,” said Frank Sagnier, Codemasters CEO. “The partnership with EA will enable our teams to take our highly-acclaimed franchises to new heights and reach a huge global audience through their player network.”

The acquisition is part of EA’s continuing growth strategy. Over the past five years, the company has brought Respawn Entertainment, GameFly and Industrial Toys under its umbrella.

Photo courtesy of Codemasters