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Fall Guys Video Game Image


Mediatonic’s massively popular party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is finally heading to Nintendo Switch. The news broke Wednesday during a lengthy new Nintendo Direct livestream, the first in over a year. The game is set to hit the console this summer.

The colorful Battle Royale pits a gaggle of players against each other as multi-hued jellybean-like beings. All players compete in a variety of large-scale, elimination-style battle royale games. The goal? Reach the end of each course to take home a shiny gold crown.

It may sound simple, but it’s way more difficult in practice. Every bean you’re competing with is bouncy and buoyant, and as you try to squeeze past huge rollers and roll down slides, you’ll realize just how hard avoiding elimination can really be.

Fall Guys was first released in February 2020, and initially debuted on PlayStation 4 and PC. Since then, it’s seen a variety of updates, including season play, battle passes, and plenty of fun new costumes.

Fans have been clamoring for Fall Guys to come to Nintendo’s console-handheld hybrid for some time. The game is a great fit considering its colorful characters and nonviolent battle royale style. In many ways, it’s like a playable, cartoonish game show.

Currently, there’s also a mobile version of Fall Guys in the works, but it’s only getting a release in China at this time. Translated as Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout, it’ll bring the fun of the battle royale to smartphones, developed by Bilibili.

There’s no word on whether there will be any additional Nintendo-themed costumes available for Fall Guys’ first appearance on Switch.

Photo courtesy of Mediatonic