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Twitch and Facebook Gaming both broke viewership records in January, reports, StreamElements’ analytics partner.

“We expected [the boost in viewership driven by the pandemic] to taper off once stay-at-home restrictions loosened up,” said Doron Nir, StreamElements CEO. “Instead, the appeal of the medium has solidified itself and viewership continues to climb with both Twitch and Facebook Gaming among the platforms with record highs in January 2021.”

In January, Twitch saw over 2 billion hours watched, compared to 1.7 billion in December. Just Chatting remained the top category on the Amazon-owned platform with 242 million hours watched, an 18 percent month-over-month increase. Rust, an indie game initially released in 2013, was the second most-watched category with 189 million hours watched, a staggering 1,226 percent month-over-month increase. Rainmaker’s report credits this boom to Yvonne “OfflineTV” Ng’s Rust server attracting many other top creators to the game.

Top 10 Games List

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Music saw a 428 percent year-over-year increase on Twitch with 24 million hours watched in January. Insomniac, a channel put on by the musical production team of the same name, was the most popular music channel with just under two million hours watched.

Felix “xQcOW” Lengyel remained the most popular streamer with over 25 million hours watched. Meanwhile, David “TheGrefg” Canovas Martinez, who set the Twitch record for concurrent viewers, was ranked third with just under 15 million hours watched. Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker dropped to fourth after the political commentator saw a boom in November driven by the U.S. presidential elections.

Top 10 Streamers Chart

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Facebook Gaming, meanwhile, saw 439 million hours watched in January, a record for the platform representing a 215 percent year-over-year increase.

YouTube Gaming data was not available for Rainmaker’s report.

Photo courtesy of StreamElements