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Thursday’s Street Fighter V Winter Update live stream brought a slew of new information on the fighting game’s upcoming season, set to launch on Feb. 22.

The stream started by focusing on Rose, the veteran fighter from Street Fighter Alpha. Her stage, the Marina of Fortune from Street Fighter Alpha 2, was highlighted, before moving on to her moveset and animations.

Next was a format update on Capcom Cup 2021, as well as a collaboration with Steve Aoki-led label Dim Mak for new Street Fighter apparel. The Capcom Cup will now take place Feb. 20-21 with 24 players meeting in 12 1v1 matchups on a boxing-format fight card. This replaces the tournament-format Capcom Cup that was originally planned to take place in Puerto Rico.

Dan Hibiki took the stage next, showing off both his Battle Outfit costume as well as his V-system moves. The Tengu mask of his outfit, as well as the “Haoh Gadoken” V-Trigger move, both reference his initial creation as a parody of Art of Fighting’s Ryo Sakazaki when the character first debuted in 1995’s Street Fighter Alpha.

Hibiki highlighted a new mechanic incoming to Street Fighter V called V-Shift, a defensive dodge mechanism that allows the player to avoid attacks. If timed correctly, a slow-motion effect will begin, letting the player perform a special V-Shift-Break counter attack. This new mechanic has led to every character being adjusted in some way, according to the developers.

A Premium Pass was also announced for Season 5 of Street Fighter V, which gives access to not only the characters in the pass but also stages, color variants and a sixth extra fighter named Eleven, based on Twelve from the Street Fighter III series. Eleven acts as a “mimic” character according to the official PlayStation blog post, “randomly transforming itself into any character that you currently own in SFV.” The transformation occurs as players load into battle, and will “also choose a random V-Skill and V-Trigger.” Mimicked characters will also retain Eleven’s color scheme while “still performing exactly like the character being duplicated.”

Photo courtesy of Capcom