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Meta Human Creator Face IMage


Epic Games, maker of the widely-used Unreal Engine, has announced a new browser-based app called MetaHuman Creator. The app uses technology to reduce the time it takes game developers and creators to build digital 3D humans while maintaining “the highest level of quality.”

MetaHuman Creator runs in the cloud via Unreal Engine pixel streaming, and claims to reduce creation time from weeks or months to less than an hour. The technology also enables teams to easily diversify characters to meet the demands of next-generation platforms and high-end virtual production.

According to the release, users can easily create new characters with intuitive workflows, starting by selecting a number of preset faces and forms available in the database. Creators can then sculpt and craft the character to achieve desired results, while MetaHuman Creator will blend adjustments as they are made.

Users will be able to use a strand-based hair system or can apply hair cards for lower-end platforms. There are 18 different body types available, as well as a selection of clothing examples to choose from.

Once the digital human asset is complete in MetaHuman Creator, users can upload it to Unreal Engine and use the real-time 3D tool to animate.

“Up until now one of the most arduous tasks in 3D content creation has been constructing truly convincing digital humans,” said Vladimir Mastilovic, vp of digital humans technology at Epic Games. “After decades of research and development…that barrier is being erased through Unreal Engine, and we’re thrilled to introduce MetaHuman Creator.

Two MetaHuman sample characters will be available for use on Unreal Engine 4.26.1 and later versions of the rendering tech. MetaHuman Creator will run an early access program within the next few months, though no specific date has been revealed.

Check out the MetaHuman Creator sample video here:

Photo courtesy of Epic Games