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Skate City Video Game Title Image


Skate City, the skateboarding game from developers Agens and Snowman, is kickflipping its way to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms via Epic Games Store and Steam. The game was previously only available on Apple Arcade.

Skate City aims to capture the heart of street skating in an authentic way, giving players the opportunity to explore three cities: Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. Each city is inspired by real-world skate locations, with unique challenge modes and an endless skate option.

The game has hundreds of trick combinations and over one hundred challenges to complete. It also allows players to customize their skater and capture favorite runs with in-game recording tools. Skate City’s ambiance is achieved through an original soundtrack of lo-fi beats and a dreamy, nostalgic art style.

Skate City offers something a little different for players who love the sport, or just love skateboarding games,” said Andrew Schimmel, Snowman producer. “We’re really excited to see what people think, and introduce more people to the genre.”

No specific console launch date has been set, but the game is promised to hit the new systems “soon.”

Photo courtesy of Snowman