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Mobile Games Scroll is a curated weekly roundup of the hottest news from gaming-on-the-go.

Genshin Impact continues its successful launch with an approximate $393 million earned within the first two months of release, according to Sensor Tower. Since the September 28 launch, Genshin Impact accumulated $60 million in its first week and hit a total of $245 million by the end of the first month.

MiHoYo’s international hit is also playable on PC and PlayStation 4, but these impressive stats are solely focused on the mobile version. Within these two months the Chinese developer saw Genshin Impact rise to become the second top grossing app worldwide, surpassing PUBG Mobile and Pokemon GO and sitting under Honor of Kings‘ $467 million. China took on 30% of the revenue, Japan took 25%, and the US came in third with 19%. On average, Genshin Impact earns over $6 million a day.

Here’s what else is happening in the world of mobile games:

Peter Porker Joins an Ever-Growing Cast

Actor John Mulaney returns to voice the role of Peter Porker as Spider-Ham makes his debut in Marvel Contest of Champions. As part of the Science character class, Spider-Ham’s basic abilities include Spider-Nonsense, Porker Poppers, Spider-Sense, and Taunt. Rewards are available in-game to those that complete “John Mulaney’s Champion Challenge,” a set of battles featuring super heroes and villains hand-picked by Mulaney himself. Players who play between Dec. 7 to Dec. 31 will receive a free 2-Star Spider-Ham in-game.

To celebrate the release, Kabam put together a motion comic introducing the character to the expansive world within the mobile game.



Winter Comes to Mario Kart Tour

The latest addition to Mario Kart Tour comes in the form of the Winter Tour, a two week event that introduces a new track and a new character skin. Merry Mountain is a brand new race track that does not return from a previous Mario Kart installment. This Christmas themed track has players race up a mountainside before speeding back down a steep slope and back into town.

Additionally, players can spend in-game currency for a chance to unlock the new Bowser (Santa) character. Mario (Santa) and Yoshi (Reindeer) return from last year’s winter celebration.

Resident Evil Meets LifeAfter

The second phase of the Resident Evil and LifeAfter crossover kicks off this week and runs until Dec. 17. During the event, the zombie survival mobile game will have costumes based on characters like Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, and villain Albert Wesker available in the game’s loot box system. While playing, players will encounter enemies from the Resident Evil series like Tyrant, Executioner Majini, G (Stage 2) and Nemesis.


Photo courtesy of MiHoYo