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Author Ernest Cline has teamed with the online game platform in anticipation of the upcoming book release on Nov. 24, a follow-up to his 2011 best seller.

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Online game platform Roblox will host a virtual crossover event to celebrate the release of author Ernest Cline’s Ready Player Two, a sequel to the 2011 New York Times best-selling novel. The event is part of Ready Player Two’s virtual book tour and serves as another block in the expanding Roblox metaverse, which earlier this month hosted an in-game concert by Grammy-winning artist Lil Nas X.

Roblox boasts a robust platform, topping 150 million monthly active users as of June. Ready Player Two, meanwhile, is one of the most-anticipated novel releases of the year.

The event will feature a Ready Player Two-themed treasure hunt on the Roblox platform, which will consist of seven experiences for players to interact with. The goal of each game is to locate “relics” and players who complete their virtual quests will be rewarded with prizes specifically designed for the event.

The crossover event kicks off Monday at 10 a.m. PT with a livestream Q&A with Cline and Roblox founder and CEO Dave Baszucki. The Q&A will also feature clues for navigating the virtual treasure hunt, as will the book itself.

“Roblox is the closest thing to Oasis in real life and this contest is the closest thing to the treasure hunt in my book,” said Cline.

This is not the first time Roblox and the Ready Player franchise has teamed up. Over 13 million people actively engaged in a similar event in 2018 centered around the release of Warner Bros. film adaptation of Ready Player One, Baszucki said. “I think it’s fair to say this is going to be even bigger,” he added.

The Ready Player Two event space is already open on the Roblox platform, where fans can hang out in anticipation of the book’s release and the event itself. Over 1 million users already visited the space in its first 24 hours of launch. Free Ready Player Two merchandise is available for a limited time to those who visit.

Ready Player Two hits stands in the U.S. and U.K. on Nov. 24 and is currently available for preorder.


Photo courtesy of Roblox