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Mobile Games Scroll is a curated weekly roundup of the hottest news from gaming-on-the-go.

A new season of PUBG Mobile kicked off this week, debuting a crossover event with Metro Exodus that added a new mode, two new maps and plenty of new rewards.

Season 16 of the mobile game also adds a new mode where players can enter and explore an underground railway area that features unique combat mechanics and a new railcar vehicle. Titled Metro Royale, this mode adds two new maps based on the existing Erangel map that focuses on including elements from the Metro series, including bandits and mutants as in-game enemies. The update also brings new weapons and gear, like the M203 Grenade Launcher and Night Vision Scope & Goggles for more tactical play in the dark tunnels underground.

This season’s Royale Pass features a number of Metro-themed outfits and rewards. At Rank 1, players have a choice at unlocking either Artyon or Anna with the Cyber Enforcer unlocked at Rank 50 and Mythic Night Terror unlocked at Rank 100. Metro Adventure, another new mode that focuses on collecting Metro Badges and completing challenges, features the Colonel Miller or Casual Miller outfit unlock.

Other new additions in PUBG Mobile‘s latest update include the Black Market, where supplies found in the Metro Royale mode can be sold, and the temporary Winter Festival theme, where certain parts of the sea will freeze over and allow for snowball fights.

Here’s what else is happening in the world of mobile games:

WILD RIFT Open Beta Coming Soon

Riot Game’s open beta for League of Legends: Wild Rift is set to launch in Europe, North Africa, Russia and Turkey on Dec. 10, with an earlier release of Dec. 7 set for Oceania, Taiwan and Vietnam. The upcoming mobile MOBA previously soft-launched in Brazil and the Philippines in June, while other Asian countries like Japan and South Korea saw Wild Rift bow in October. Details are sparse, but the December launch will come with an update that adds new champions and balancing changes based on player feedback.

One Week, One Million Downloads

After launching last week, Netmarble’s open-world RPG and Battle Royale hybrid A3: STILL ALIVE shot to the No. 1 slot for RPG games on the App Store and Google Play, surpassing 1 million total downloads. Players can hop in now to take part in a seven day “thank you” event with free daily rewards.

MINECRAFT EARTH Enters Gets Chilly

A new update to Minecraft Earth launched this week that sets things in motion for the upcoming Challenge Season 14: Tundra. Beyond the snowy themed challenges and rewards, this new release adds the wall-climbing Bouldering Zombie, as well as the Lobbing Zombie which can launch meat in players’ directions. Look out!

POKEMON GO Gets Big Update

Pokemon Go is adding Generation 6 monsters and the ability to increase your level past 40 in a new update launching on Dec. 1. The full rundown of the changes can be read here.


Photo courtesy of PUBG Corporation